Bizega CRM provides you with end-to-end solution of your business and a single clicked tracking of your Marketing, Sales and After sales Services so you can win more business and keep your customers happy.


1) Everything Under a Roof :
  • Bizega is the CRM your business team will actually Love :- While Bizega attempts all the standard CRM features and much more, it means nothing if your team doesn’t use it. That’s why we go beyond features, delivering the tools, clues, and support sales.
  • Utilize your valuable time by not wasting it in data entry :- With Bizega, you can automate many of the continual admin tasks you’d have to hand-operating with other CRMs, helping you win the deals and leave the office operative.
  • Figure out what to do later :- Bizega shows you the approaching attempt for every deal, securing that your expectations earn the appropriate concentration at the correct moment, and nothing slips through the cracks.
  • Stop scrambling to make your quota :- See the status of your deals and how sales are tracking against your numbers, so you know exactly where you stand.
  • Stay enlightened :- Has a customer made several support inquiries recently, or received materials from your marketing department? Bizega arms you with the knowledge you need.
2) Ridiculously affordable cost :
  • Enjoy Bizega's modern features & integrations, easy implementation and great support at low price.
3) Next Generation :
  • Modern, Simple, Superfast and Friendly Customer Support. If anyone on your team has a question about Bizega, we provide phone, chat, and email support to ensure that it’s answered.

Contact Management

Easily Store and find your employee’s anticipation and customer

Comprehensive customer view

Track conversation, see purchase, and discover Vision

Crafted for Your Business

Just come and join us with your team

Lead Management

Grab every opportunity and convert in to business

Show Teamwork

Work together with your team and win more deals

Reporting & Performance Tracking

Make impression of your sales data and perform on it

Sales estimate statement

Conjecture your revenue based on factual data

Customer Success

Frame customer conjunction that last forever

Client Hold

Manage record of every communications no matter where it happens

Email Marketing

Expectation, sufficiency, and association with your customers



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₹ 7000.00
per User / Year
  • Standard Price
  • ₹ 7000.00 x 1 = ₹ 7000.00
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